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Marine Technical Surveyors, once a privately owned and operated marine surveying company, founded by Larry “Chris” Zeringue and Tommy Prejean in 1993 has been acquired by Amspec as of 4/1/2022. Our home office is located in Donaldsonville, LA (Mile 175 on the Lower Mississippi River). Since the company was founded both Zeringue and Prejean have taken pride on its second to none customer service, dependability, and accuracy. With extensive knowledge and expertise in marine surveying prior to the inception of MTS, both Zeringue and Prejean have worked tirelessly to instill in everyone at MTS the responsibility to ensure our customer’s cargo is accounted for in the most accurate and non-partial manner. Fertilizer and products involved with the production and off-take of fertilizer have been our specialty since the beginning. With a strong reputation and through repetition, in the form of consistent quality customer service, we have branched out beyond our roots. We now work with a multitude of various cargos in the Maritime industry. With the acquisition by Amspec, MTS, now operating as Amspec, can now provided its same level of services around the globe.

Following in their father’s footsteps, Jesse Zeringue and Tommy Prejean Jr, along with a dedicated staff, are aspiring to take the company to its furthest reachable limits while maintaining the same second to none quality of work which brought the once small company to its current global status.

Great working relationships built our foundation


Marine Technical Surveyor has two (2) labs. One stationed in the Donaldsonville, LA home office and the other in our Tampa, FL office. Both are structured around testing within the fertilizer industry. We specialize in material testing, providing credible laboratory results using ASTM, AOAC... >>

Advanced lab testing services


We offer a variety of services. Our knowledgeable staff pays great attention to detail, ensuring that needs are met and expectations exceeded. Cargo surveying, inspections, bulk vessel cargo management, break bulk inspections, various types of observations, tonnage surveying... >>

Liquid cargo surveying reliable and accurate


Since 1993 MTS has specialized in various types of liquid cargo surveying. Our roots, since inception, have been in the fertilizer industry (nonhazardous cargo), but we have also grown beyond our roots and specialize in multiple cargo types including chemicals and petroleum... >>