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Marine Technical Surveyors Provides Liquid Cargo Surveying Services

Since 1993 MTS has specialized in various types of liquid cargo surveying. Our roots, since inception, have been in the fertilizer industry (nonhazardous cargo), but we have grown beyond our roots and specialize in multiple cargo types including chemicals and petroleum (hazardous/closed system gauging). Our surveyors are highly trained to ensure accuracy and accountability for every drop of cargo moved.

To further create accuracies in documentation as well as efficiency in getting the documents to our customer, we work closely with our customers to design and install their job types within our innovative A.C.E system. A.C.E allows on site/ in the field remote reporting back to the office enabling MTS office administration to observe and monitor the progress of the jobs in the field. In doing so MTS is then able to have the official documents ready for distribution without the usual waiting time involved with typical documentation processes.


The best in bulk cargo inspections and observations are provided byMarine Technical Surveyors.jpg

MTS, since its inception, has served as the eyes and ears to our customers. Operating with our decades of experience and under the customer’s instructions we are able to ensure safe handling of their cargo regardless the type. With our trained staff we are able to monitor bulk cargo movements around the clock.

Using our advancements in technology, MTS is able to report remotely into our state of the art real time data base, where we can have information available for our customers in near real time. The MTS A.C.E system, in conjunction with our MTS Customer Connect Portal, allows customers to view certain aspects of any job we represent them on through the modern conveniences of a smart phones or tablets.


Let MTS handle all of your bulk vessel cargo management


Upon nomination of a bulk vessel, we have an entire team assigned to that vessel and they become the customer’s common ground between all matters associated with the vessel transfer. We communicate with the ship’s agent and stevedore’s personnel prior to the arrival of the nominated vessel, as to the berth availability and availability of discharging equipment in order to provide a non-biased and fair assessment of all ETAs and berthing information. Just prior to the vessel arrival, MTS can perform onsite inspections of the discharge equipment to determine their suitability to handle your product and to ensure your best interests are safe guarded. Members of our trained staff will be on board to communicate daily with you relative to the cargo transfer’s progress and/or problems incurred. MTS assigned surveyors will keep a close eye on the cargo quality; alerting you to any possible contaminated, damaged, distressed, or out of the ordinary cargo. If any cargo is found not to be of sound quality, we will advise our customer and then assist the Stevedores in proficiently segregating and removing said cargo as well as overseeing placement of this cargo.

All records of events are kept updated in real time and made available to customers upon request. We will prepare a discharge report and time sheet, and provide any other services which will assist in the prompt and orderly transfer of the cargo. We have a team of employees that can perform a multitude of services including displacement surveys on barges, vessels, as well as a full office staff that has a combined total of 100+ years of experience in the industry.

If barges are involved in the cargo transfer MTS has a team which specializes in the management and coordination a “load /discharge plan” ensuring the requested amount of tonnage per barge is loaded or discharged. In the event the barges miss their target, we keep the customers updated and we can modify the plan to minimize the chance of having our customers incur costs resulting from barges over/under draft of over/under requested tonnages.

With the use of our real time reporting system we are able to approve and release barge tonnages and barge conditions to the customer in order to create cost and shipping efficiencies. With customer’s approval, MTS can also release barges to the fleet and barge lines with documented times and dates of release.


Break bulk inspections and obersevations performed by Marine Technical Surveyors MTS

While break bulk varies in size, type, and make on every job, MTS works closely with its customers to ensure safe handling of any and all types of break bulk at all times.

Upon receiving nomination of a break bulk inspection, MTS begins to write standard operating procedures for that specific cargo movement.

Once the customer feels these procedures are satisfactory for their exact cargo, as no two are the same, MTS then utilizes its trained and experienced staff to monitor the cargo movement every step of the way. Utilizing our A.C.E. system and in conjunction with our MTS Customer Connect Portal, allows customers to view certain aspects of any job we represent them on through the modern conveniences of a smart phones or tablets.


MTS for bulk cargo tonnage surveying, barge surveys and vessel draft surveys.jpg

Barge Surveys

MTS has spent countless time and tireless efforts to devise a displacement program with accuracy second to none. We pride ourselves in training our employees to recognize the conditions of the water ways and to recognize the importance of every 1/8 of an inch. Surveyors are trained to obtain accurate measurements every time a tape is lowered. Our independent measurements are taken by highly trained staff members and are then calculated independently though our displacement program. With this program included in our A.C.E system, we are able to generate tonnage reports/certificates in near real time cutting down on costs for our customers as barges lay afloat loaded awaiting releases.

Vessel Draft Surveys

MTS has a team of experienced and certified Vessel Draft Surveyors. With customer approval, MTS will place multiple men on the vessel to perform this process as there are so many moving parts involved in a standard vessel draft survey. Our goal is accuracy, independent of the vessel and regardless of the master or chief officer’s findings. We are not there for the vessel, but instead, to ensure our customers are represented at the highest degree of accountability.

Maritime consulting

MTS for maritime consulting and operating procedure manuals

Since 1993, members of MTS have been heavily involved with many new ventures in the maritime industry serving as consultants to our customers during any given maritime process. With attention to detail and a drive to put the customer above all, MTS works closely with all of its customers to ensure any and all items are on the right track. As a customer’s consultant we work tirelessly developing the processes and standard operating procedure manuals for single events or for the future of an industry.

Stock Pile Surveying

Within the industry, stock pile surveying has remained a “guessing game" for years. Bulk inventory documents became a long list of disclaimers along with a tonnage which was arrived at by “accurate estimates.” Many companies have devised methods to accurately represent the faces of piles, with no true representation of the back side of storage bins or containments areas.

With that said, MTS recently made an investment and a move towards 3D scanning. The possibilities of scans are near limitless in comparison to the previous methods. What once would take four (4) men countless hours in the field can now take two (2) men fractions of the time. Documents can now be submitted with pin point accurate tonnages as well as real time photos (scans) of the subject pile(s) which were surveyed.

Lab Testing

Lab testing for the fertilizer industry ASTM, AOAC, and AFPC testing

Marine Technical Surveyor has two (2) labs. One stationed in Donaldsonville, LA and the other in Tampa, FL. Both are structured around testing within the fertilizer industry. We specialize in material testing, providing creditable laboratory results using ASTM, AOAC and AFPC testing methods. Our lab techs are available not only for analytical testing but also for consultation and troubleshooting purposes, as well as research and development testing for standard operating procedures for our customers.

We're please to announce our laboratory accreditation for the testing of fertilizers and phosphates from the Association of Ferterlizer and Phosphates. Let us provide you with support in testing total nitrogen, total phosphorous, citrate insoluble P2O5, available P2O5, water soluble P2O5 and moisture.

Maritime Damage Assessment & Representation

Let MTS take care of your maritime damage assessment, representation, 3d scanning and virtual tours

With our investments in technology, MTS is now utilizing our 3D scanning ability to capture critical events which may need attention from afar. The 3D scanning enables MTS to capture the event as a whole, from all perspectives, and also allows for hosting of virtual tours to outside parties at any time.