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Marine Cargo Surveying covers a broad spectrum of duties and tasks.

In short summary, when working for MTS, a surveyor becomes the eyes and ears of our customers to ensure they receive the desired quality and accurate quantities of the cargo which they buy, sell, trade, and/or transport. A surveyor’s priority is to ensure that what leaves point “A” arrives at “B” in the condition and state in which it should.

MTS Surveyors produce an accurate account of the product aboard, or within, any floating vessel, barge, shore tank, rail car, or warehouse through a series of reporting, measurements, calculations, and equations.

Upon our customer’s request, surveyors sample the cargos for testing to ensure that the quality of the cargo reaches the customers’ expectations.

Throughout the years, as a Company, MTS has established many of the standards in our industry. Through timely and proper training and testing, new hires achieve the knowledge to perform their job properly from experienced/seasoned surveyors.

No one is ever released to do a job they are unsure of. Company wide dispatchers carry phones 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for any questions and uncertainties that may arise.

When working for MTS, we want our surveyors to feel as though they work “with” the Company and not “for” the company. The job our surveyors perform is just as important to MTS as the employment opportunity MTS provides for them.

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3D Scanning Technology

Our investment in technology has given us a great advantage. With 3D scanning equipment, advanced technology and highly experienced team members, we are able to provide real time photos of piles surveyed and provide documentation of your tonnage, with pin point accuracy! >>

Great working relationships built our foundation


Marine Technical Surveyors is a privately owned and operated marine surveying company, founded by Larry “Chris” Zeringue and Tommy Prejean in 1993. Our original office is located in Donaldsonville, LA (Mile 175 on the Lower Mississippi River). We have since grown to serve... >>

Great working relationships built our foundation


We offer a variety of services. Our knowledgeable staff pays great attention to detail, ensuring that needs are met and expectations exceeded. Cargo surveying, inspections, bulk vessel cargo management, break bulk inspections, various types of observations, tonnage surveying... >>